Senior Thesis 

Cyber Queer (Zine)

Creative Direction, Research, Print, Digital, Screenprinting

A printed zine that explores the influences of online queer communities and their importance on their offline lives of the queer community.

During the pre-Internet Age, queer people had myriad methods of finding and connecting with one another. Once virtual communication took off, it seemed like older forms of communication were becoming outdated. So much of the gay liberation movement had been built on pen and paper. Newsletters were used primarily by activist groups and individual queers and underground collectives produced zines in the 80s and 90s.

Zines—cheap and easily distributable—brought queer art, politics and perspective into the hands of diverse audiences. Now, most of these zines are digitalized and are free to access. Considering the innumerable queers were too rural or poor or otherwise marginalized to claim a material community, this ease of access has brought a significant amount of people together who otherwise would not know each other.

As queer people, the Internet has changed almost all aspects of our lives. It has served as a valuable source of information and support system when queers had nowhere else to turn. Cyber Queer examines queer experiences in the digital space while serving homage to original queer communication methods.

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